Rodriguez, Vanessa

Hello My Name Is...

Vanessa Rodriguez

6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Team Aggies 
Conference 11:09-12:04pm

General course information:

  • Tests and projects = 60%
  • quizzes, daily work, classroom participation  = 40%

Classroom Rules:

  • Be prompt & prepared with required supplies
  • Be responsible and productive
  • Be polite and respectful; treat others as you would like to be treated
  • NO food, gum, drinks allowed (Water Allowed)
  • Follow ALL LFCISD rules and policies


  • 1st offense- Verbal warning
  • 2nd offense- Parent contact
  • 3rd offense- Staffing
  • 4th offense- Office referral

*Severe disruptions; parents will be called to a conference immediately and/or student will be sent immediately to the office*

Make-up work:

  • Available ONLY to students who return from an absence. 
  • Student is responsible for obtaining any missed assignments upon returning and conforming to the timeline set by teacher.
  • Late work:

  • WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (Unless Absent or Extreme circumstances)

    *Subject to change at Teacher’s discretion

    *Parents are highly encouraged to access grades online on a weekly basis* (Home Access Center- HAC/Gradebook) 

    Grading Policy:

  • LFCISD grading policy will be followed at all times.
  • Projects are considered major test grades, therefore, are due at the requested time & date.
  • Late projects are accepted ONLY under extreme circumstances.

    Tardy Procedures:

  • Students are expected to be seated before the bell (unless coming in with a pass)
  • 1st tardy- teacher-student conference (sign in/document)
  • 2nd tardy- parent notification (sign in/document)
  • 3rd tardy- Student-teacher-parent conference (sign in/documentation)

    Restroom Procedures:

  • Students are expected to sign out/in
  • Restroom must be an absolute emergency
  • A medical excuse is required for special restroom privileges (Provide to School Nurse)

**Parents will be contacted via phone or email most of the time.  Occasionally, a note will be sent home.  Please ensure that your contact information is kept up to date**